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You re out of my life, Thank you.

“A sad things in life is that sometimes we meet someone who means a lot to us only to find out in the end that it was never bound to be and we just have to let it go”. Yes, I must don t be afraid of this change. I may end up losing good but i will probably end up gaining something better. Am i right? So, i must be tough, haha –‘ I will just do what i want, looking ahead and no turning back. Jyeahh :D
I can honestly say that i m almost over you dear -oo-  Ya, i must not to be sad cause he cheated me. I must be so fucking happy that he doesn t matter anymore and he isn t a part of my life anymore. Cause if i stayed waiting for him, he would have hurted me anyway, kan. So, i must get over him cause the boy is just shitted trash. It doesn t matter to me anymore. You hurt me too much and i m doing just fine without you. Wewieee! I can do it :D And the most important part feel amazing and relieve because he s out of my life.

Yess! I must stand up for myself  :) My big big heart just belongs to a real boy who can make me smile everyday. Who s that chick?? I don t know, hahahaha. Okay, but for now i ve already done it. He s out of my life. Ya big brooo! Just go ahead with your fucking relationship with that girl. Maybe, haha. Kbai.

suke ?? like jer ^_^