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Our own FairyTale ツ

Assalammualaikum ebelibadyy! I wanna share something sweet. I guess, haha. Jyeahh! It s sweet when someone knows every detail about you. Not because you keep on reminding them. But because they pay attention. Yes, and he is my heartbeat, Danial Akram. He knows every detail about me without remind him. Fyi, he had make my life perfectly happy. He s weird, he s not perfect. But, its okay. I m like that too. We laugh at the randomest things. Yeahh, he also know my ugliest side, haha. Even though we disagree sometimes, we never fight. Yah, for 2 months. Am i right dear? When i m sad, he was always there to make sure that i m really okay. B, thanks for being there for me. Iloveyousofuckingdamnmuchツ
But today, i really miss you. You went for a holiday at Terengganu, your hometown for 4 days. 4 days to me is like a long long time. We can t meet each other. We can t spend time together. Omg, i feel like i wanna cry when i m looking at our picture. Yah, our moments. I just want to be with you. Hm, i miss how you always make my day, how you used to cheer me up and how you make me feel that you really love me and need me in your life. I miss everthing that used to be. I realyy really miss that :’/ 

The way he look at me ツ
When we were staring at each other ツ
That kentang goreng ツ

His annoying face ツ

Roof top at Sunway  ツ

My ugly face and his innocent face ツ

Me and you smiling at the same time ツ

I love to look at you 

B, whenever you are having a bad day, remember this ILOVEYOU ツ Perfection of our relationship is when you and i can go through anything and still stand strong together ツ

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