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My Super HeartBeat.

That stupid smile i get when i remember a cute moment with him. With who? Yes, of course lah with my lover kan. Hewhew. Who s that chick? Who s that chick? Haha. Don t  worry,  i m gonna tell you who is he okay. Ehem ehemmm, testing testing.
Mohamad Danial Akram b Mohd Nor
Jyeahhh! He s my LOVER. He s my HEARTBEAT. I love him fucking damn much. But not because his face just similar with Azim. I accepted his propose on 31st March 2012 because i really know that he can always make me smile. I know he can make me happier than before. Yess, because of him also i can forget everything about Azim. Thanks dear! You have make me feel my life better than before. I ve never expected for this feeling towards you and rule over me. Omg, haha. Kbai.
Omeyy kan Danial? Cepat cakap dia comel
Post kami sama kan kan kan
Suka time nieee tau dakkk. Kbai.

suke ?? like jer ^_^