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Capital A

Even if i m young, pain is the same. That i don t know well the world, doesn t mean i don t know the pain. Why did you lie? And saying it will be alright?? This broken heart just because of you :'(
 How can it be easily heal dear? How can i stay without you beside. Yes, i have my parents. But they are my parents, i love them. But you are my heart and i really love you. Doesn t you know that? Doesn t you realize that before? Why? Because you with the other girl right now. Am i right? Erghhhh ==’

That s why i can t let you go. I don t know how can i let you go because my heart just for you. I don t know why i m so stupidly to fall in love with someone like you. Someone with cute attitude -..- pfttt. If you re going to go, so please fix my heart first. So that, i can live without any pain #maybe. If you don t do this, i think i can t live at all. Everyday i m crying just because of you. Since you just left easily, i m still waiting for you everday :’( even you already find a girl to be with you, my heart still for you. I don t know why :/

No matter how much you push me away,  i ll hold you till the very end. So that, you can t go anywhere else. If you re really going to leave me, so lie, lets meet tomorrow and say you were joking about your relationship. Pleaseee T___T I miss the old you. I miss you and really miss to spend time with you sayangs :’( we spent so much time together before. How can i live by myself now? I can t do it :( whuaaaa T.T Dear, i really can t let you go from my life. I haven t waiting the other boys like i waiting for you :/ Seriously, hurmmm. 

Please understand my feeling for you. I love you fucking damn much >.< but you just go on with the girl without feel any guilty and acting such a kind boy -..- What the pfttt. Even you hurts me, but i still can t forget you and my heart for you grows more and more :/ I really hope u will know bout my feelings :/ Kbai. 

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