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hello hello shiny boy!!

Hyehyehye! Harini dayah nak berjiwang miwang sikit tauu. Hekhek. Nak mengata? Kata jehh, tak kisah. Janji dayah dah story apa yang patot dayah share dengan korang semua =) kankankan?

Fyi, I feel like i’m getting nervous. My heart is pounding from head to toe. I’m starting to like you soo fucking damn much lhaa XD but secretly. I wanna approach you carefully.. ohh! Iloveyouboyy. Can you hug me? Hehe. #gatai jehh. I want to talk with you carefully because i don’t want you left me same as a fucking boy has done to me.

A cupid arrow will surely come into my heart and make me trumble when i look at you. Ur cute smile come into my heart. OMJAYYYY!!!! You got my heart meyyhhh XD. I want to be by ur side but i don’t have the courage )=  i don’t know, what should i do ?? -.-‘ i don’ want to lose you. So, you can’t leave me kayy?? =P

suke ?? like jer ^_^